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Clown make-up look.


I’m Soooo Sorry!



maduxx-newHey! Sorry I haven’t posted anything coz I’m soo lazy, sorry! But now I did find smtn interesting! PHILOSOPHY shoes are for non-SS! 🙂

philosphyAND yeah.. there is new PHILOSOPHY collection! 🙂




Hi Everyone!

It’s me, Today I had some time before i go to school and i decided to write  a litle on the blog.

Today, in the morning i logged in on stardoll and i got really surprised when i saw who was covergirl:


Yep, that’s Callie, from the stardoll staff.


I never thought people, would actually vote for her.

Well, Congrats! lol

Thank you for reading and see you someday!

Interview with Sindji

Paint Header

Hi there!

I had an interview with Sindji, and here it is!

Hello Sindji, how are you doing?
Hi, I’m doing very well! And i’m very proud that you’ve chosen me for the interview.

For how long do you play stardoll?
I started playing stardoll in 2007. But in 2007 I didn’t play stardoll for much. Now I’m every day online.

Do you put a lot of money in stardoll?
No, It’s my opinion, but I think it’s something like money waste. You pay real money for fake money. For sometimes it’s fun, but not to be for a long time. And then it’s not special anymore if you are superstar for a month. So I sometimes put a little money in stardoll.

Are you every day at stardoll?
Yes, ofcourse I am! 😉
I like stardoll the most because of my friends here. But I think I’m a little bit to old for stardoll. I’m almost 15, and a lot people on stardoll are younger than I am.

Who is Sindji in real life?? (Job, school, hobbies etc.)
In real my name isn’t Sindji, but I don’t want to tell someone who doesn’t know me, my real name. I live in The Netherlands, in Noord-Brabant. I’m almost 15, and i’m doing 3vwo on high school. I play tennis, and a music instrument and I love listening music. I also like watching tv in the evening. And I have a lot of nice friends.

What do you think of ForSDGirls?
I like your blog! It’s a pretty good site, with a lot of new news. It’s very active. And I like the interviews with some people who play stardoll.

Did you ever bougth the LE stuff or Antidote at stardoll?
No, I like LE stuff, but it’s to expensive. And i am no superstar, so if I would buy it, i couldn’t. And Antidote is a little bit cheaper than LE, but I think it’s really expensive, and the same as for LE, you have to be superstar, and i’m no superstar. So I can’t buy the LE or Antidote stuff.

Do you want to tell our readers something?
Yes, ofcourse i want to say something to the fantastic readers: Thank you for reading this interview, I hope you all enjoyed! And I like it if you have a look at my medoll on stardoll. My nickname on stardoll is: Sindji





I know this is NOTHING to do with stardoll but….

Does anyone here LOVE twilight?! If so…+add+ mee!!

Twilight is AMAZING! the best movie since grease!


Luvin the prom!

OMG….the new dolly prom….is AMAZING…i love all the dresses! it iz probably the best theme stardoll has had! The rebel prom wasgood and the lady gaga theme was okay…this knocks them out of the running though!

your thoughts?!? btw–it is my bday on the 14th of may….just tellin yaa!

Hey Im back!!

Hey guys!! Its -emz123- again!! sorry about not posting….big exams!!

so…..the Dove_Wonderful club have vanished!  Mysterious..Huh?