We Need More Readers!

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Hello dear readers,

ForStardollGirls isn’t that active anymore!
Nobody posts, There aren’t any comments etc.

We need more visitors, readers, followers, comments and writers!!
This has to be an active blog, so please tell your friends about this blog!

And I want more writers~! I don’t know if everyone likes it, but if  you don’t think it’s a good idea, just tell me!
Soon you read more about it.

xoxo- suurkool

PS: if you read this, please comment and tell I’m a reader!

3 responses to “We Need More Readers!

  1. Hey i am a writer.. But I forgot the password.. Can you please send it me through mail, to my account -emz123-

  2. hmm ok i will write comments but you dont do many posts so…..

  3. Sorry suurkool, it’s me veronika. I know I haven’t posted anything in a months but I don’t play on Stardoll anymore…well kind of. My new obseesion is Facebook now. sorry and good luck!

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