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Kohl’s outfits

sientje-says... I’ve maked 9 outfits with kohl’s in for non-superstar.


XO sientje



Make-your own wishlist for Kohl’s

sientje-says...It’s simple to do it:

– You go to the shop Kohl’s and in the left corner you see “wishlist by Kohl’s”

-Or you click on this ->

xo sientje


Hotbuys for 0 stardollars???


I wish I wass superstar!!!

XO sientje

New Kohl’s

sientje-says...The new kohl’s are in the shop. And they are for non-superstar!!! I’m so happy 😀 I’m gonna buy everything (accept the black-red things, I hate the combination).


xo sientje

Statement magazine

sientje-says...OMG, I was making a magazine but this magazine is wonderfull!!! But all my themes are just the same as that magazine 😦 . Help me, do I have to continue or not with making that magazine?  I’s not fair, that magazine is in stardollmagazine and, oh, my magazine not… He isn’t finnished but… You understand? I hope so!!! xD  This is the cover off Statement magazine….


XO sientje

The New Hot Buys

In the  ‘on stardoll and in real life’ page you can find the real life items!HotBuys

We need a Covergirl!


 Paint Header


Hi there!

For the magazine (check my older post) we need a Covergirl!

And that could be you!

So, if you want to be a covergirl, contact me on stardoll (suurkool) or leave a message by the comments.

Maybe you are on the front of the magazine!

xoxo- suurkool

Little Comp :)

Hi Everyone! NikkiXoxx here!

I decided to have a small competition…In the comments tell me your stardoll name and I will visit you. I will pick the doll with the nicest outfit and the winner gets



2 superstar gifts!

The theme is called: ‘Your Style’

Dress up showing if your: goth, girly, tomboy, emo, etc.

If enough people sign up…I will post a new contest soon!

Thank you for listening

Love NikkiXoxx


Hiya..Im NikkiXoxx :)

Hi! Im NikkiXoxx…But you can call me Nikki! 🙂

Im new to writing in blogs.  I’m hoping it will be easy! This is my first post!

Read all about me below! Enjoy! =)

Name: Nikki…As you already know!

Age: Im 10-years-old and my birthday is on the 9th of December!

Favourite Celebrity: Taylor Swift…And Micheal Jackson.. 😦

Style: I like being unique…And standing out! I have different styles..Sometimes I just want to wear black or grey but other times I want bright colours like green or baby blue…Or pink! 🙂

Hobbies: I like art…painting and drawing and surfing the internet is fun!

I like drama and writing stories…But I hate it when I get writer’s block! 🙂

Stardoll Friends: Jasmeena2000, MamaNo1, KevenT123, Niamhy505 and then…my REAL best friend…hilareyqt! 🙂

Thank you for reading about me!

I’m sure I will write a new post soon!

Love: NikkiXoxx


Another Update Post!

——————— I’m so sorry, but on this pc I don’t have my header, that’s on the other —————————————–

As you see, sientje1996 has posted her first posts, I’m still waiting for Sindji!

But I have chosen 2 another new writers!!

HuNnIe_BuNnIe and NikkiXoxx

Congrats =)
They will post soon there first post too, I guesss in 1 or 2 weeks.

Coming soon:

A magazine! HuNnIe_BuNnIe told me that she would like to help me with that!
What do you think.? Would you like a magazine? Please comment!

xoxo- suurkool

PS: with more readers, we can make more posts and other nice stuff.! so tell other stardoll players about this blog, so we can have more fun!