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The New Hot Buys

In the  ‘on stardoll and in real life’ page you can find the real life items!HotBuys

We need a Covergirl!


 Paint Header


Hi there!

For the magazine (check my older post) we need a Covergirl!

And that could be you!

So, if you want to be a covergirl, contact me on stardoll (suurkool) or leave a message by the comments.

Maybe you are on the front of the magazine!

xoxo- suurkool

Little Comp :)

Hi Everyone! NikkiXoxx here!

I decided to have a small competition…In the comments tell me your stardoll name and I will visit you. I will pick the doll with the nicest outfit and the winner gets



2 superstar gifts!

The theme is called: ‘Your Style’

Dress up showing if your: goth, girly, tomboy, emo, etc.

If enough people sign up…I will post a new contest soon!

Thank you for listening

Love NikkiXoxx