Statement magazine

sientje-says...OMG, I was making a magazine but this magazine is wonderfull!!! But all my themes are just the same as that magazine 😦 . Help me, do I have to continue or not with making that magazine?  I’s not fair, that magazine is in stardollmagazine and, oh, my magazine not… He isn’t finnished but… You understand? I hope so!!! xD  This is the cover off Statement magazine….


XO sientje

One response to “Statement magazine

  1. forstardollgirls

    It’s totally awesome that you’re making a magazine! I like this really much, and it doesn’t matter that you have the same themes, I think. Because everyone has that, like: ’10 hotbuys, covergirl, interview, etc, etc..’

    xoxo suurkool

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