Daily Archives: August 4, 2009

Just some updating!


Hi followers!

As you have seen, sientje1996 posted a lot of posts! I’m so happy with this great writer! =)
But Sindji did never posted! I asked her 2 times and she said that she would post soon. If she doesn’t write in 2 weeks, I delete her as writer.
We also didn’t heared anything about HuNnIe_BuNnIe, so she isn’t a writer anymore!
NikkiXoxx posted also a few nice posts, she is on vacation now so she isn’t active for a few weeks. We will see her soon back!

We have now 3 writers, and I liked to take another writer! And that is Adindag98
I hope that she will post her first post in a week!


PS: the magazine will come soon!