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Where are the doors? 2


If you did not read “Where are the doors? 1” you have a problem, but sientje is such a good girl and she gives you an URL or something and you just have to copy this -> http://www.forstardollgirls.wordpress.com/2009/08/06/where-are-the-doors and you can read “Where are the doors? 1”!!! I’m to good, to good, aplausse please =D

Now, I was thinking about “stardollpeople can fly” , and I was thinking a lot, and even more and then, I really have to go to the toilet “shy” and then, I was thinking and thinking and thing… I wanna give you the chance to see over what I was thinking about. DANGER!!! Don’t even think to show this image to stardoll, maybe they change our body’s into that body on the image, and nobody wants to look like that. And I really hope you don’t have to go to the toilet! xDwecanfly

xo sientje


Spectacular! Not.



I was dressing up dolls when I found the doll Spectacular!

I never had seen that doll before.. It might be a really nice doll, spectacular!

But when I clicked on it I wasn’t surprised..


It was BORING and NOT Spectacular!

So Stardoll, please never ever give a doll the name ‘Spectacular!’. We don’t like that.