Daily Archives: August 12, 2009

New searchmachine…

sientje-saysmistakeIs stardoll now really stupid? Black isn’t gold or Multi color or silver!!!! Black is just black. And above the colors, it’s also weird… Stardoll is just weird =D Stardoll is getting to be BORIIIING!!! And not a little bit. Somethimes there are new clothes but they’re all UGLY. Like the new ones today, with the teacher theme, maybe I wanna dress me like a teacher. But if I dress me like a techer I wanna be a sexy teacher, all boys listen to every word I say, and the d!ck’s of them are going in the air if they see me xD becouse I’m so hot. All girls are simple jalous on me. A teacher like that I wanna be! Not a teacher if they see me the d!ck never wanna go in the air again, if they smell me they fall on the ground and they have an hartstillstanding of the bad smelling teacher. I can give so many morteachere examples of the 2 styles of teachers but everyone wanna be the sexy teacher!!! So stardoll, pleasse DO NOT put other ugly stuff on stardoll!








XO sientje