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Cheaters! Or not?


I was looking at the presentation of the covergirl totay (vnvi) and I see she wins because she had a raffle. If people vote 5/5 for her and they write it in her guestbook they voted, they can win prices. It’s not only her that holds raffles, everbody do that. On the image you can see a couple “raffleholders” who are totay in the top 5, and the covergirl of yesterday. If I win covergirl because I’ve hold a raffle I don’t gonna be happy, becouse I think you don’t win fear. Do you think they are cheaters or not??? Please, leave a comment.

wecanflyxo sientje


Where are the doors? 2


If you did not read “Where are the doors? 1” you have a problem, but sientje is such a good girl and she gives you an URL or something and you just have to copy this -> and you can read “Where are the doors? 1”!!! I’m to good, to good, aplausse please =D

Now, I was thinking about “stardollpeople can fly” , and I was thinking a lot, and even more and then, I really have to go to the toilet “shy” and then, I was thinking and thinking and thing… I wanna give you the chance to see over what I was thinking about. DANGER!!! Don’t even think to show this image to stardoll, maybe they change our body’s into that body on the image, and nobody wants to look like that. And I really hope you don’t have to go to the toilet! xDwecanfly

xo sientje

Spectacular! Not.



I was dressing up dolls when I found the doll Spectacular!

I never had seen that doll before.. It might be a really nice doll, spectacular!

But when I clicked on it I wasn’t surprised..


It was BORING and NOT Spectacular!

So Stardoll, please never ever give a doll the name ‘Spectacular!’. We don’t like that.


Where are the doors?


dooorsYou see there are in the rigt-sided rooms doors. Stardoll thinks that we can fly xD It’s dangerous, becouse WE CAN’T FLY!!! If we fall… Stardoll have to do something about that problem!!! Some people can be dead becouse they play on stardoll 😀 Haha.

Xo sientje

New mudd Kohl’s



There are a couple new stuff in mudd.


xo sientje

Just some updating!


Hi followers!

As you have seen, sientje1996 posted a lot of posts! I’m so happy with this great writer! =)
But Sindji did never posted! I asked her 2 times and she said that she would post soon. If she doesn’t write in 2 weeks, I delete her as writer.
We also didn’t heared anything about HuNnIe_BuNnIe, so she isn’t a writer anymore!
NikkiXoxx posted also a few nice posts, she is on vacation now so she isn’t active for a few weeks. We will see her soon back!

We have now 3 writers, and I liked to take another writer! And that is Adindag98
I hope that she will post her first post in a week!


PS: the magazine will come soon!

My New Header!

Header FSDGHi there!
This is my new header!

Have any suggestions? Comment!



I’m Back!

Paint HeaderHello there!

I’m back from my vacation, it was fun!
I will write soon new posts, etc.
I’m also doing with a For Stardoll Girls magazine!
Our first covergirl is going to be our writer, sientje1996.



Make-your own wishlist for Kohl’s

sientje-says...It’s simple to do it:

– You go to the shop Kohl’s and in the left corner you see “wishlist by Kohl’s”

-Or you click on this ->

xo sientje