♥ Comps.

1: Readerscomp.

2: Writerscomp.




1  readerscomp.


What is the price?

You can win a blogpost about you, your suite, your medoll, everything about you. And a intervieuw. You become Reader of the week!!!

What you have to do?

It’s very simple. If you read every day our blog then you send a mail to sientje1996 (on stardoll) that you read this blog. Your name come into the list, I (sientje1996) visit everbody on the list and I pick 1 person, the beatifullst one. When the week is over, I delete the totaly list. You can enter the comp so many thimes you want to and maybe you win once!!!

 The list:

1: hottie.jongen



2 Writerscomp.


What is the price?

Being a writer of this blog!

What you have to do?

You have to send a mail to sientje1996 on stardoll if you want to be a writer. Maybe you get a mail back and that means you’re almost a writer! In that mail stands what you have to do next.

Good luck SIENTJE



2 responses to “♥ Comps.

  1. Great!

    xx suurkool

  2. I’m in”’

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